Whether you are looking to improve your LAN, connectivity directly to the internet or to connect multiple locations throughout the UK and worldwide, Combitel can design, specify, install and maintain your business network and infrastructure.

The correct business network infrastructure is crucial to your Comms and IT environment. We make sure your network is optimised and up-to-date and that everything you have running on or across it is functioning correctly and predictably.

Combitel can transfer and maintain your existing network or build it from the ground up. We provide industry leading connectivity and switching solutions with outstanding support at competitive prices.

We can help your business stay connected by providing a full and comprehensive suite of broadband and data connectivity solutions with the capability to meet your very specific requirements. These range from lower cost, small business friendly products like business broadband through to future-proof, high speed connectivity circuits and solutions such as Leased Lines, EoFTTC, EFM, MPLS, IPVPN, P2P and Wireless Networks.

Data connections are determined by all manner of factors, primarily geographical, we can help guide you through the available options and identify the correct fit for your business in terms of speed, capacity, resilience, contention and budget.

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