Joining Combitel

1. Do I need a BT landline to enjoy your services?

No, we can work with any type of landline across the UK or we can install a new one for you.

2. Do I need to cancel my existing contract?

Cancelling an existing contract with your current provider may incur a significant charge. Speak to us on 033 33 234567 so we can review your current services – we may be able to buy you out of your existing contract.

3. What happens when I sign up to Combitel?

We will contact your existing telecom provider and request a transfer of your service. We will send you a welcome letter containing a summary of your order and how you can register for your personal customer portal. Your existing supplier will also write to you informing you that you are cancelling your service with them.

4. What is Fraud Monitor?

With Fraud Monitor your calls will be monitored 24/7 by our dedicated system. We will contact you immediately when we spot any suspicious activity, while setting up a call barring service to stop any further charges.

Support & Maintenance

1. Why do I need phone system maintenance and support?

In case you have an Emergency, there is a planned repair or for general cover, our engineers are on-call to resolve your system issues, giving you peace of mind. For more details please call us on 033 33 234567.

2. Is there any backup plan in case my business lines fail?

Our Disaster Recovery plans can enable you to divert your calls from any location, to anywhere, at any time – the perfect backup solution for your business.

3. What is your service level agreement?

Our customer service team are available Monday to Friday 8am until 7pm.

4. Who should I contact if I have any service issues?

You will be provided with a dedicated customer service team on 033 33 234567.